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      From Friday, June 24th through Sunday, June 26th we traveled to Oaks, PA for Too Many Games! Taking place at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, there were tons of games on display. It was a great time to explore and check out some other really great games as well as show off our own. Blind Blades was showcased fantastically, and people really enjoyed playing the game with us! 

            On Thursday, May 5th we traveled into Philly to show off Blind Blades at the Philly Game Forge's Dev Night! Jesse introduced Blind Blades during show and tell and it was a hit. People loved the Samurai Jack inspired levels and excelled at the game's "hide and seek with swords" style. Everyone was really excited to learn more about the game's background and how it works. 


         Our Blind Blades Game Tournament on Monday, May 9th was a success! TJ took home the champion's crown once again. The Wilmington University's Game Club teamed up with us and made the entire day a crazy fun experience. There were movies, video games, board games, and greatest of all-- food! All kidding aside, everyone seemed to have a really great time and we hope to host another tournament soon.

        On Thursday, March 10th Jesse and Adam boarded the train for Train Jam 2016. For three days game developers travel on Amtrak's second longest route from Chicago to the Game Developers Conference, all the while creating games. A theme is announced at the beginning of the train ride, and game developers form a team and conceptualize and create a game! 

       On Monday, February 22nd, we headed over to a tournament in northern Delaware for First State Smash Presents, The First Encounter ft. BlazingPasta, and Officer Jenny. It was awesome, and we were able to show off our game, Blind Blades. The game was a hit, and everyone seemed to be enjoying playing it! 

       Check in with us for more updates on upcoming events on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. You can also check out the "Upcoming Events" tab to see a more detailed calendar of what we'll be up to during the next couple months. Also see the appropriate links for more information on the events we'll be a part of!

       We hosted our first tournament on Saturday, January 16th, and it was a blast!  So many people came out to duel, and it was so exciting to have a mix of familiar and new faces.  Congratulations to TJ, the first ever for realsies Blind Blades Champion!  TJ's skills are particularly formidable in the lower grass, and his crouching attack is startlingly quick. TJ's mastery wasn't the only exciting exhibition.  Many of the competitors were very skillful.  We expect the competition will grow even fiercer as new players herald the birth of new rivalries.

        We were also thrilled to have everyone playing on an updated build of Blind Blades.  New character art, refined controls, and interactive level assets all made a positive impression on the contestants.  Our thanks go out to all of our competitors for providing us with mounds of feedback.  We are so excited to make Blind Blades into a game that all of us can enjoy for years to come, and your feedback is critical in getting us there. If you missed out on this tournament, have no fear.  We're already working toward hosting another in March.  Follow us on social media for details and updates.